Response to COVID-19

O1 Standard has carried out work to prepare for the return of tenants to their offices.

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O1 Standard management company has carried out work to prepare for the return of tenants to their offices at business centres.

Thorough disinfection of common areas at all business centres under management was carried out during the May holidays, including air conditioning systems.

Daily disinfection of common areas will be continued, and surfaces such as pens, elevator buttons, electronic card readers, etc., will be disinfected twice per hour.

Markings have been installed in common areas and elevators in order to maintain social distancing.

The previously introduced thermometry procedure for all visitors is still in effect at all sites.

Constant availability of sanitizers in common areas is monitored and new sanitizers are provided as necessary.

Wearing of masks is mandatory inside buildings, in accordance with the order of the Mayor of Moscow.

A mechanism for contactless delivery of correspondence by courier services is in preparation. провела работы по подготовке объектов к возвращению сотрудников арендаторов в офисы.

Please watch the video where we give the update on the safety and prevention measures as response to COVID-19 outbreak.